The GP Blog Hub

The GP Blog Hub is a blogs aggregation where GP users (account holders) can create and share blog posts about green (or mainstream?!) concepts in the news or their life, work, and/or recreation. Green topics to consider blogging about include Green Markets, Green Projects (conservation banks, energy efficiency, farmland preservation, floodplain protection, forestry, geothermal power, green buildings, habitat restoration, hydropower, landfill gas, mitigation banks, open space preservation, solar power, waste treatment, water restoration, water treatment, wind power, etc.), Green Reports (market & policy reports on air quality & climate, energy sources & efficiency, land use & management, water quality & quantity, etc.), Green Jobs, Green Experts/Professionals, or Suggest Your Own. Mainstream topics to consider blogging about include Business, College, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Health, Jobs, Life, Politics, Science, Shopping, Sports, Technology, Travel, or Suggest Your Own.

You should also repost your "Green" and/or “mainstream” social media posts onto the GP Blog Hub. When you post "Green" on social media (Blogger, YT , LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, G-Maps, etc.), hashtag your green social media post with #GP, and share with your social networks. Get access to gift cards and/or other incentives (while supplies last) from your #GP “green” social media sharing.

The GP Blog Hub will be the central location for syndicated blogs from GP users. Recent blog posts from each syndicated blog will be featured here. Get your own syndicated green blog by creating a GP account. GP users can get paid for blog posts.

Blogging at the GP Blog Hub may be of high interest to students, new graduates, new professionals, professionals in transition searching for internships, jobs, and other employment opportunities, and/or all social media users in general. A new green "Blogger" title may be a valuable asset for enhancing your resume and LinkedIn profile.